Applying for a visa in the US

 How to get a visa in the USA

The visa regime in the United States is distinguished by its severity. If you want to get the right to enter the US, you need to prepare a package of documents and be ready for a strict interview. Your task is to satisfy a visa officer, who has the right to refuse you without explaining a reason. Simax and Partners offers assistance in the proper preparation of questionnaires and verification of all documents for obtaining a visa to individuals, companies, and organizations.

How to get a visa in the USA?

Make sure you really need a visa before starting a complicated procedure. Citizens of countries that have a visa-free entry agreement with the United States may visit the country without special permission.

If you are not a citizen of such a country, you need to decide on the type of visa you want to receive. There is a registry of nonimmigrant visas. Check it out to understand what permission you need. You will be required to submit different documents to apply for a visa in the United States, depending on the destination of your trip.

Decide on the type of permit and pay the consular fee. There is a list that indicates these fees. It is necessary to fill in a special form to pay the visa fee. This can case difficulties if you don’t know the language.

Applying for a US visa will be the next step. You must correctly enter the data in the form DS-160. It also fills in English. The presence of errors is unacceptable. Next, you need to register in the system, and then sign up for an interview. You will also have to fill out a contact form and provide information about yourself.

How does Simax and Partners help?

If you doubt that you can fulfill all the requirements, the company's specialists will help you. We advise applicants and assist in obtaining a visa in the United States. You will receive information on what documents you need when you need to submit them. We will also clarify the provision of papers procedure and the rules for their consideration. We will check all the documents before filing.

You will save time by asking for help. Mistakes case bureaucratic delays and failures. Professionals will save you from unpleasant surprises. Fill out an application to get advice and assistance in obtaining a visa. Leave your contact details and a responsible manager will contact you.

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