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Simax and Partners international law firm provides professional legal services in European jurisdictions. We serve citizens, commercial firms, banks, and public organizations. Our service is to provide legal assistance in business, real estate, civil, administrative, labor, corporate, immigration and criminal law, as well as the support of football projects.

Simax and Partners staff consists of qualified lawyers from different countries. We have offices in major cities of Europe and Russia. This allows us to provide legal services in different languages without territorial restrictions. The employees of our company are distinguished by high-quality theoretical training and extensive practical experience in key sectors of general, national and continental law.

We successfully work on projects of varying complexity and size, provide advice on a wide range of legal issues. An individual team of specialists in the required field of legal expertise is created for each project. We take into account the needs of the client and the specifics of the jurisdiction in the settlement of disputes and support of transactions. We can conduct several projects ensuring the quality and efficiency of services at the same time. We use proven practices, advanced strategies and the best legal tools to protect customer interests. We work using all the resources, connections and knowledge we have for a successful result. We strictly adhere to contractual obligations. Therefore, our company has high positions and a perfect reputation in the international legal market.

We've Always Cherished the Three Pillars Which our Company has Always Stood Upon:
Legal Humanism
A Passion for Justice
An urge for fair pricing

These three are understandable and important for any person determine the quality and result of professional lawyer work. We honestly serve people protecting their rights and freedom with all legal means. We make justice available to every client. You will feel confident in the most difficult life situation with us.

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