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The Moscow branch of SIMAX and Partners international company provides legal services to private and corporate clients. Experienced lawyers who are well-versed in the current Russian legislation run the cases. Company services include all major areas of law. Therefore, our lawyer in Moscow is able to provide effective legal support to both individuals and enterprises of various forms of ownership.

The law firm in Moscow has a sufficient staff of specialists to resolve problems of any complexity. Depending on the specifics, a lawyer (or a group of lawyers) of the relevant area is involved in solving the client’s problem. This approach allows creating a powerful legal foundation for the successful implementation of a targeted goal at the initial stage.

SIMAX and Partners specializes in the following areas of law:

corporate - search for business partners, assistance in a purchase of assets, attraction of funds, opening a bank account, registration of companies in Moscow; immigration - obtaining an immigration visa, residence permit in Europe, citizenship, representation in court in relation to immigration issues; civil - preparation of a marriage contract, registration of guardianship, management of enterprises bankruptcy, inheritance, division of property; labor - protection of employees from corporate pressure, filing claims for employers for unlawful dismissal, refusal to pay compensation, severance pay, etc.; criminal - assessment of crime, assistance in case of accident, preparation of a settlement agreement, involvement of forensic experts at any stage of the proceedings, appeal and cassation.

Key advantages of SIMAX and Partners

  • High professional level of employees
  • Honesty and complete openness to the client
  • Observance of commitments

The company also provides qualified assistance in the field of football law. Our lawyers are ready to represent the interests of football players in courts, to provide professional support for transfers and deals on purchase of European football clubs, to prepare contracts.

Service list
Immigration law

Immigration law

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Europe
  • Deportation decision appeal
  • Residence refusal appeal
  • Consultation and submission of documents for obtaining a residency in Europe
  • Assistance in obtaining an immigration visa
  • Registration of documents for citizenship
  • Legal representation for immigration issues
  • Search for archival documents for citizenship by kinship
Civil law

Civil law

  • Division and rejection of property
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Registration of guardianship of minors
  • Marriage contract
  • Bankruptcy management
  • Inheritance
  • Moral damages
  • Protection of the client in pre-trial and legal proceedings with insurance companies
Corporate law

Corporate law

  • Registration of companies and legal entities
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts in Europe
  • Preparation of contracts between legal entities
  • Optimization of the tax regime
  • Assistance in finding business partners
  • The attraction of funds for investment projects
  • Accounting services for legal entities in Europe
  • Acquisition of assets in Russia
  • Notary registration of debt obligations
  • Indemnification due to infringement of intellectual property rights and trademarks
Criminal law

Criminal law

  • Consulting in pre-trial proceedings
  • Appeal and cassation
  • Compensation for damage cased by actions of authorities or officials
  • Preparation of a settlement agreement
  • Attracting forensic scientists at the pre-trial and trial stage of the proceedings
  • Traffic accidents
  • Independent evaluation of onset
  • Visiting clients in prisons after the verdict
Labor law

Labor law

  • Submission of a lawsuit for unlawful dismissal
  • Protecting the rights of the client in mutual relations with the employer
  • Ensuring compensation for insurance case at workplaces
  • Assistance in obtaining severance pay
  • Submission of a lawsuit against employers
  • Protection of employees from corporate pressure
  • Protection of an employer's rights from provocative actions of employees
  • Independent assessment of the circumstances of the dismissal
negotiation for players in football clubs in Italy

Football and business agency

  • Organizing of examinations in Italian football clubs for children and teenagers
  • Registration of contracts
  • Legal support of player transfers
  • Judicial representation of players
  • Search for highly professional football agents to represent the interests of players
  • Organization of experience rate for coaches of football clubs
  • Support for the acquisition of football clubs in Europe
  • Providing translation services in cooperation with football clubs
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