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The best lawyers of different categories of law work at Simax and Partners. We provide services in all legal areas, from advice on inheritance and assistance in obtaining residency to optimizing the tax regime.


Win with us

We won more than 92% of cases in all law categories. We do everything possible for the sake of the client. We resolve most disputes before going to court. We know how to negotiate, assess risks, build tactics and strategies correctly.

Quick decisions

We never waste time caring about the convenience of our customers. We strictly monitor rivals to provide materials, arguments, evidence in time. We prevent any unreasonable attempts to delay the process.

Affordable cost

Prices for the services of our lawyers are lower than the average prices on the market. Considering that most of our customers are individuals, we deliberately keep prices low. This allows us to be a competitive and attractive company, even in times of crisis.

Areas of legal practice
  • Immigration law

    Legal and organizational support in obtaining immigrant status for citizens of European and other countries. Consultations, assistance in obtaining a visa, insurance, paperwork for a residence permit, client representation in government institutions, courts.

  • Civil law

    Legal support in civil and family law. Assistance in the settlement of property issues, marriage, and hereditary relations, guardianship, protection of honor and dignity, as well as proceedings with insurance companies.

  • Corporate law

    Ensuring the client’s interests in business issues in Europe. Creating accounts, loans, tax optimization, accounting services, notary. Legal support for purchase, sale, merger, and acquisition of assets.

  • Criminal law

    Legal assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings. Consultation, registration of pre-trial settlement agreement. Attracting third-party independent experts, legal and moral support of the client after the verdict.

  • Labor law

    Protection of the rights of workers in accordance with European labor law and assistance in their implementation. Assistance in the preparation and applying of claims in case of unlawful dismissal, refusal to issue benefits, compensation to employers.

  • Football and business agency

    Legal support of any transactions related to football players and clubs: sale, purchase, transfers. Search for agents, registration of experience rate for coaches, translation services. Representing the interests of children and their parents at examinations to Italian football clubs.

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